Maybe it was 15 years ago. I have distinct memory of the images of thick, moist African jungle, man grimy from long and hard travel on pathless way, blue hopeful but fearful eyes on lean face, all on the television screen. The man said:

“Dr. Livingston, I presume?”

It was a documentary about pius life of Dr. Livingston who wanted to save and offer eternal life to the savage Africans by converting them into Christians, and about slave hunters following Dr. Livinston’s path in pursuit of prosperous business.

The contrast shocked me, good, kind, determined man versus greedy, self serving men. And there are those who served these men for living. Their paths followed one another, each fixed in his own mission.

I was distressed that a mere television show had such profound effect on me, but the effect was so powerful, the images and the lesson stayed with me all these years. Good and evil are two sides of a coin. One does not exist without the other. Nothing new about this thought, it is so prevalent in Asian religion, Buddhaism, Taoism. But only after having experienced irony in daily life often enough, then to have that one revealing lesson that hit the right place at the right time, will one learn.

Perhaps that is what globalization is. Good will be followed with greed, local people just trying to make a living. In trying to pursue environment to somehow improve the quality of people working in call centers, I am distressed with all the political factors, each with fixed mission.

This is the lesson I have been trying hard to learn for years and years. Who am I to force my views onto these people? Each person has his own lessons to learn. I hate political factors where people are so determined to gain an upper hand. When all is said and done, what does my work mean? What difference am I really making? Am I spending my time wisely, on this kind of work and not more time with kids, family? Am I making difference in anybody’s life with my work?

Globalization seems like another Dr. Livingston, except this time, it is not in the name of God.

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