Things that interest you

Lst week, I told my friend who was not sure what to write about on his blog that he needs to write about things that really interest him. Otherwise, writing will not continue.

Well, well, I need to practice what I preach!


I have lots and lots of fun each day. Things still make me laugh. I meet cool and interesting people. Yet I am not moved to write. What’s really intersting? Perhaps it will come.

2 thoughts on “Things that interest you”

  1. Since the last two months’ articles were particularly deep & in length, maybe it is time to refuel. I guess our desire for writing is kind of wave, continuously urging us but not always at the same force. After you go through this ebb, you might powerfully get your writing desire back.

    Or maybe there is something else that needs to be expressed. When I don’t find anything interesting, I look for something that I care, thing I cannot get off my head. Sometimes I find out that they are the topic I want to write about.

    Also some people are very eloquent when they write about that they cannot write…


  2. I think the things is that I have been thinking deeply about are so deep, I have difficulty expressing them in words in precise and explicit way. As you know, I talk a lot. I want to talk less and be more effectivef in communication.


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