Kohoku New Town Green Matrix

 kohoku1.JPG kohoku2.JPG
Urban development in Japan is finally making the kind of progress that residents can feel. The cluster in economic development as discussed by Michael Porter exists in Japan as can be read in Strategy for Cluster Initiatives in Japan by Yoko Ishikura, et al. But I am directly benefitting from the urban planning done for Kohoku area in Yokohama City, called green matrix. I simply love riding on my bicycle through this 15 kilometer route. My kids reached the age that they can join me for the ride as well, and from where I live, having access to this green matrix park enriches my life in a profound way.

Some photos can be seen of what is along this long strip of park, but here is a cafe (Parkside Cafe) located along the way. Unfortunately, this is the only cafe or retail shop of this design caliber located on this strip. I hope in the future more retail producers and architects will spice up this area, as they did along the Meguro River.

2 thoughts on “Kohoku New Town Green Matrix”

  1. My name is Marven Payne and I’m an American who has lived in Japan for more than 20 years (about half of my life). I consider Yokohama my home and I love this city and it’s people. It has been wonderful to me. I live in the Kohoku area and like Miss Suda I am drawn to it for it’s beautiful parks and nature. However, I am saddened that the parks aren’t preserved as well as they could be nor are there any sophisticated shops and/or cafe’s. I would like to band together with other Kohoku residents to make this area the beautiful paradise it has the potential to be. Anyone interested in coming together to help promote Kohoku, please contact me at: marven@mac.com


  2. Hi Marven. Thank you for your comment!

    I agree with you that the parks aren’t preserved as well as they could. Japanese, especially the kinds of people who would settle in new residential areas such as green matrix, are not used to organizing groups for practical cause, but any development needs its residents to sustain it’s original intention and change to fit the era. I’d love to help keep the original intention strong and alive, and make the area more interesting aas well!


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