My recently found friend and I were talking intensely about general way we do business. Someone who has such open, unassuming manner always win my respect, and I ended up talking to him about what really bothers me about business relationship in general.

It bothers me a lot when someone treats business relationship as a game. Winning, losing, opportunity to provoke people, beating them. Chance to show who’s better than who. I’ve been re-reading Thomas Petzinger’s Hard Landing. I read that book 4 years ago. I’ve read the book cover to cover only twice before, but I underlined inside of the book quite a bit both times. This is my third read in 4 years, but I am finding the book really informative, very interesting, again.

One thing is not new in the new economy: Customers who are burned will find detours around the suppliers who burn them — especially business customers, who after all, have their own customers to worry about.

I think this is a good line to explain why certain companies are not doing fabulously, and not going to do fabulous in Japan. Especially with foreign capital companies who has done well in their home country through building trust but somehow manages to forget the same basic principle when they are working with Japan.