My Favorite Building Complex in Tokyo 2


Okay, I’ve got more than one favorite. This Tokyo Forum is hated by many, many Tokyo residents, not it’s design thought. Tokyo residents had to pay for this thing because it was so costly, additional 10,000 yen per month (appx. US$90.00) tax to pay for it!! They’ve been paying for about the past 10 years or so. Don’t know how many more years to go.

But I venture to say, I just looove this building complex. I get a special feeling everytime I walk through the place, which is average of maybe twice a month. It’s beautiful when it rains. It’s beautiful in any season. The gentle light from the floor. Angles and curves of walls, windows, doors. Granite, steel, polypropelyne textured white. Can’t describe it. Just awsome!

Any great architectural work is hated by people who are made to pay for them, I guess. Taj Mahal. Such is history. I doubt the Tokyo Forum will last as long as the Taj Mahal simply because in a middle of bustling, constantly changing city, and it’s used rigorously by the people. However, I have a feeling I will enjoy the builing, at least for the rest of my life.

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