Japanese boys addicted to PSP

My work as consultant is enhanced enormously from my partnership with my husband, my 3 sons and my mother in law who lives with us. I am not a techie person. If it wasn’t for my husband, I think our lives would not be so full of somewhat advanced gadgets. He brings home the toys, the sons use the toys, and my mother in law and I use them as work/life tools.


Recently, my husband has been so enthralled with PSP. Okay, this isn’t so advanced. Lots of people has had it. But within a couple of months, he’s trying out so much stuff with it. He purchased one for 2 of the sons, and one even for himself. And in my eyes, it just seem like boys are addicted to PSP. They watch movies, listen to music, play games, browse internet. The photograph at the top of this entry is my middle son in the middle of the picture, with 4 friends all playing with PSP, TV on, all crammed in a room barely 15m2, full of furniture. The photo at the bottom of this entry is my husband just having a good ol’ time playing uploading stuff on his PSP.I forgot. My oldest (20 years old) didn’t want PSP. He instead got himself the latest iPod. And he definitely is addicted to it. Well, he’s addicted to music and fantasy world of movies and anime. Just a couple of months ago, he started to have strange depression after a couple of months of staying in his room all the time besides the time he was at school. His PC was his world. So we got the PC out of his room, but now he’s doing most of the stuff he used to do on the PC with his iPod. Geez!!

We are treading a fine line between convenience/fulfillment and overdose/self destruction. I guess historically, its been one thing or another that we put ourselves in this situation. I myself will not go anywhere without my iPod. I am definitely addicted to music. I am addicted to reading good books too, novels, business, whatever. Haven’t run into anything that has the kind of interface book has yet. But when it comes, I know I will use it without hesitation.


4 thoughts on “Japanese boys addicted to PSP”

  1. Hello Mrs Suda,

    I have the link to your blog from a friend at Steelcase. I have worked at Steelcase in France for 8 years and I am now a free lance journalist on workplace design issues. I would be very happy to be in contact with you.

    I am coming to Japan in May and I would like to interview you on Japanese Business Culture and Japanese Office Design. I would like to do a paper on how culture impacts workplace designs, what are the current evolution in workplace designs in Japan and also find exemple of innovative workplace design in Japan.

    Can you give me your e-mail so that we can exchange more extensively? I look forward to speak to you.

    Best regards


  2. I’ve hooked up with Francoise since then. She visited Japan just recently, and we had a great fun working togher!


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