Butterfly flying in the room

I basically like to talk about the things that invoke strong positive feelings in me.  That’s my very first reason to choose work.  It has to be something that I can talk about positively.  I’ve convinced Takeshi Ishiguro to let me work for him,  because I love his art, and working with him would give me the opportunity to talk about his fantastic art, and by doing that, hopefully he would be connected to more people who appreciated his work and who are willing to pay appropriate amount of money for them.

Every time I visit Takeshi’s lab,  he shows me something different that excites me, makes me laugh out loud joyfully.  Yesterday, he’s turned on his butterfly robot for me and Aico.  I’ve seen this in his collection of videos, but it was the first time seeing the real one in action.  The effect was mesmerizing.  It’s a large bright blue butterfly,  made of artificial material, suspending from the ceiling like a marionette.  Easy to see that it’s on strings, easy to see the large mechanical contraption on the ceiling.  The mechanical contraption even makes noticeable noise.  But when Takeshi turned on the switch, and the butterfly started flapping its wings and started floating around the room, I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.  It was so graceful, so delicate, so full of life, yet so fragile.  It was exciting when it floated by right in front of me.   I was a little sad when we had to start our meeting and Takeshi turned off the switch.  I could have watched that butterfly, maybe for another hour.

During the meeting, Takeshi commented that it’s not “thing” that he wanted to create.  He wanted to create “phenomenon”.  With this insight, smoke ring,  ash sculpture, slow motion bench, mercury fountain, and all others, I see that what captures me and gives me the feeling of happiness are the beautiful phenomenon, fleeting moments that each of these works create.

My reason to work for him is perhaps just an excuse to experience these phenomenon first hand.  I’ve seen the same reaction I had in other people over and over again.  It’s my job to spread this joy, this happiness he creates.

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