Good way to see the Japanese culture, design and values

TOTO_Showroom_Shinjuku (3)

One good way to see the Japanese culture, design and values would be to visit TOTO showroom in Tokyo. It’s a totally Japanese language, Japanese place, but that makes it even more interesting to observe.

TOTO is a kitchen, bathroom ceramic goods manufacturer, and they are doing quite well. In this tough economic time, the people will spend their money on basic necessities made such as kitchen and bathroom. Cooking, bathing and toilets are the very basic needs everyone has. If these necessities can be made a bit more nicer and functionable, eachi day becomes a bit better, more pleasurable.

Walking through the showroom, Japanese tendency to build things compactly and efficiently shows itself in kitchen storage spaces. Attention to details can be sen in their children’s play area. This area appears only to be around 20 sq. ft, not large at all, but kids plays house, build blocks or watch a movie. Children enjoy themselves for hours on end, the parents might have hard tim pulling the kids away from this space.

The showroom staff will not pester the walk-in guests, but as you walk through the showroom, you’ll be greeted discretely by one of several showroom staff about once every 5 minutes or so.

Service – discreet hospitality, attention to detail, improving things of daily use.
It seems that such DNA has been passed on with the description of Japan today.

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