Robot EVERYBODY Appreciates

At the InnoRobo I attended in March, we talked a lot about how the robots will be integrated into our lives.  Here is a concrete case.  Robot that everybody appreciates.  Robot that was vital to diagnosing the  Fukushima Nuclear Power plant.

The 2011/04/17 Yomiuri Online article reads:

On the 17th, Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) succeeded in capturing the image of interior of No. 3 reactor inside the building at Fukushima Diichi Power Plant by using 2 remotely controlled US manufactured robots.

Robots from US company, iRobot, are capable of measuring radiation.  Operator controls the robot remotely from outside of the building by looking at images transmitted from it’s camera.  The robot entered the inside by turning the door handle with its arm that would extend to 1.8 meters in full length.

This is the first time the inside of the  No. 3 reactor is surveyed after the hydrogen explosion.

Pipes and wires inside the building must be repaired to stabilize the reactor.  TEPCO will decide how many hours workers may work inside after the radiation amount and nitrogen level data collected by the robots are analyzed.

Translation by Fujiko Suda

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