Human evolution to live out in the space

I might have written on this subject before, but the thought keeps coming back. Perhaps it deserves to be revisited again so here it goes.

The earth is getting too crowded. Water supply is short, food supply is short for the current and growing population, they say. If one feels like rationing is the way to go, then he should go on. For me, I would like to seek adventure, of new ways. That new way for me is space.  Not quite “the final frontier”, but it is human kind’s new frontier. Searching back in evolutionary history, before Homo sapiens came, there were Cro magnon and certainly we had many more different forms before that. To me, there is no difference between how living things adapted from sea to land, then to living things adapting to live on earth and in space. Our current physique may not be best fit for space travel or living, but once we do go out into space, we will evolve. Each time, rules and religions brought order to the chaos, and each time, these very same things eventually became obstacles to true change. Our migration out into space is following the same historical pattern, and I am hopeful that we will once again succeed in changing and be on our new path.

With the thought of adapting to space living, I am not resistant to human form changing drastically. In movies, humanoid or robots are depicted as evil, immoral. But we are the ones that started and built upon these technologies, and allowed the population to grow under the notion like “love”, “kindness”, “prosperity”, “longevity”. In attempt to stay on this earth, “control”, “ration” are inevitable, and it seems to me these are opposite of what we value as humanity. Even if it is only human cells surviving within the machines we created, if it allows us to live in space, then in time, maybe thousands of years, we will come to celebrate the time we made the decision to change. Perhaps it might be good to add the reason for my ready acceptance of change of human form. It is because I myself have been changed by many operations in my life and know that if I did not have those operations, I may be dead long ago, or the quality of my life were certain to be much lower than it has been. Also, I see glorious result of human technology used by people who lost their limb from accident or illness. There are so many people who owe their lives to pacemakers in their hearts. Simpler yet, there are so many people with implanted teeth.

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