Working independently for 10 years

I keep remembering what one of my French friend said to me when I quit the corporate life and started working independently: “Your life will never be the same.”

That was 10 years ago. Just recently I realized that I have been working independently for 10 years!

What working independently means to me is that 40 percent of the time, things are balanced. Enough work that keeps me happy. 30 percent of the time, I am worrying because there isn’t enough work in my work funnel. 30 percent of the time, I am frantically trying to deliver my best to all the work that are coming my way.

Right now, I am at that frantic work period. I figured I had better do something I enjoy just to enjoy to keep my sanity, so I am writing this entry.

I LOVE to write.

I LOVE to exercise.

I LOVE to eat.

During my recent research projects, medical, sports, food topics, I gained a deep understanding of how to live a good life. That is to eat to nourish your body, exercise to keep your body, do the activity you love (writing for me) for soul. If I don’t do any of them regularly, then I get sick, and what’s the use of feeling miserable being sick, either in body or mind?

I think I can keep going for another 10 years, in work in good life.

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