Here’s something exciting I want to share.

We are in midst of creating an exciting combination of “ba” among creative people in Japan.

1. Blog connecting to each other. More and more people who want to share their thoughts, feelings, opinions are opening up blog sites, and the explosion hasn’t happened yet. These people are creating the kind of momentum that could give birth to new identity of Japan. I am in the middle of the movement, and it feels exciting.

2. When thoughts are strong, way opens. It might very well be serendepity. Especially in Tokyo, one might have read someone’s interesting blog, and later, in some social gathering, connection happens. It’s never totally out of blue, since one would attend seminar/social gathering being invited by blog related friends. Whatever, it is, combination of blog and seminar/social gathering is speeding up the connection of people with like minds.

3. The stock prices are down, most of old giant Japanese companies are shakier than ever. But this miserable situation is giving birth to few percentage of people who are innovative, determined, and hard working. These people from various business sectors will become the core of Japan in the near future. Out of chaos, new order is being created. New order of younger generation.

4. As for physical “ba” is concerned, it is usually very casual. Tokyo is full of cafes that has great environment to talk. (Cafe called the Office, SUS, Chanoma, to name just a few)

5. It is becoming easy to be a part of any loose community, and “ba” is combination of intense virtual communications (blog, e-mails, chats) with limited telephone conversation, anchored with core periodical physical meetings.