Mastering business skills

Natural tendency of liking people and wanting to communicate is probably what makes a good interpreter. It is what probably makes a good painter of people. But I was not interested in pursuing the art of interpreting or painting. I think these skills are tools to pursue my path to mastering the art of doing business. I am lousy in taking care of details. But learning details is paramount in business, and I continue to go through the phases of mastering the art business.

In action, it makes a difference whether all you are trying to do is to act or whether you are trying to act competently. It helps a great deal to know what the hell you’re doing. What are you going to do well? Are you going to be a painter, a Picasso? Is this where your life achievement is? That is a real sacrifice of life.

Whatever choice you make, there is a period of learning and analyzing, when you are not in action, the body is not in performance. Anyone who has taught somebody a skill has seen this stage, where the student is analyzing and trying to do it, but really not in it. Then, finally, the person is able to give expression to what he or she is intending to express.

Reflections on the Art of Living: A Joseph Campbell Companion by Diane K. Osbon

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