Web Social Networking Business Potential

KNN Web Social Networking Business Potential Seminar was held at Steelcase Tokyo Worklife Showroom on March 17th.

Since I was a staff helping to run the seminar, I did a lot of running around and did not focus my attention on the seminar. But parts of it I watched I enjoyed.

Frankly, I am finding that I am focused more and more on serendepitous meeting with people. Although I am a member of Orkut, LinkdIn and gree, I don’t expect to develop any meaningful relationship with people I meet solely on the web.

I’ve had good number of very satisfying, very stimulating meetings on long airplane flights. I may not have developed long term relationship with these people, but they are truly memorable encounters in my life.

Of course this means I am getting old. I am at a point that I can no longer change the way I process my thoughts. It is no longer fun. So I decided to try out living in the old way as much as I could. It feels liberating, just to live in the way that feels good to me, right to me. I respect men and women of younger generation and have high hope for them. They do crazy things, but no crazier than things I did in teenage years or twenties.

This has been a round about way of saying that yes, I do think web social networking has good business potential in Japan.

social_networking_business.jpg social_networking_business2.jpg

1 thought on “Web Social Networking Business Potential”

  1. After visiting a blog who said she met a wonderful partner through pen-pal site, I realize that regardless of what form of communication or contact, there is always a chance to meet who will become someone significant in my life. Therefore, I shouldn’t knock social networking. I don’t have to put in a lot of effort into it, but it never hurts to stay in the loop. Just like social parties. Just because I haven’t met anyone significant through any party, that doesn’t mean I’ll never meet anyone. There are plenty of people in the world who met their lifetime partners, friends, business partners at parties.


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