How the Boss Reacts When You Announce Departure

The work partners I have worked closely for the past 5 years threw me a new start party. We had a great time talking, eating, drinking at one of my favorite cafes until late into the night.

We talked about how companies react when someone announces his/her wish to leave the company. They work for a major Japanese company, and they told me the culture at their company. The boss won’t try too hard to stop someone if that person has already decided to work for some other company or to change career. The attitude is, no sense in trying if they’ve already decided. But if the person’s motive is unhappy workplace situation, then the boss will try very hard to convince that person to stay. I asked, why is that? And they answered, oh, they try to provide guidance in life….. According to them, a lot of Japanese companies still have culture like that, paternalistic culture.

I wonder really, what percentage of companies in Japan, in Western countries still have culture like that. Maybe more companies both in Japan and in Western countries have cultures like that?

2 thoughts on “How the Boss Reacts When You Announce Departure”

  1. Very few,in fact almost none that I can think of.
    This is the first time I have spotted your blog.
    It seems to take a different “approach” for the want of a better word. I will visit again. Jannai !


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