“The opposite of sadness is not happiness”

The lesson 2 of Positive Psychology class at the Penn State University World Campus started with these words: Did you know that the opposite of sadness is not happiness? The opposite of sadness is actually...the absence of sadness.What this means is that if you could get rid of everything that is making you sad, you… Continue reading “The opposite of sadness is not happiness”

Sustainability effort: moving small office

I did it again.....  I let a few months slip by without writing anything. August, September were really busy, then came mid October and nothing.  So this is what it's like to be, affected by the economic situation of the time. Being a small operation, it was an easy decision to close my studio, especially… Continue reading Sustainability effort: moving small office

At our office

My Australian friend once mentioned to me during his first visit to Japan that he noticed that eating is interacting in Japan. At many sushi place, you grinde your own wasabi. We mix chopped nori, ground ginger to our taste at the table when we eat cold soba noodle

Change of season

As I rode my bicycle along the bank of Tsurumi River , once again feeling so amazed that seasons change, and each season has its own plants that knows to grow and bloom at exact same season in a year. The cosmos is in full bloom now, its bright flowers and delicate stems and leaves