Emerging Expressive Generation

I noticed lately that many of the blogs written by Japanese are very expressive. They explicitly describe how they feel, what they think about certain matter. A year ago, when there were not as many Japanese bloggers as there are now, majority of them were about things. The latest, coolest things.

Probably, these people learning to express themselves clearly on weblog will do so at their work if they haven’t already been doing so. We may still be few, but with the help of the internet, we are connecting, and we are finding new strength as we find mental support within our social network connected via blog. Perhaps we are approaching the tipping point in Japan that would change the mass social attitude considerably. Maybe it already happened? Maybe we are starting to believe as a sector in Japan that we can make the difference.

If you are interested in some of the blogs I am talking about, here they are. They are written in Japanese, so unless you read Japanese, you will need to run it through translation site:

Isaoblog (some entry in English)

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