Business as output of education

It is common in Japan for teachers of public elementary schools to visit each of their student’s home once a year. In Yokohama City Japan, the teachers made these visits after school for the past week. We welcomed our 1st grader and 4th grader teachers too.

With my 4th grade son’s teacher, we talked about IT situation in public elementary schools in the area. In our school only 4 PCs servicing the entire population of teachers and students (approximately 480 students, 25 teachers) are connected to internet, and with ISDN. The teacher was impressed that our kids surf the net, looking into web to find out the information (mostly about their favorite animation characters, toys), downloading games.

So this is how kids grow up, learning to go at official speed and private speed. Kids are flexible. They adapt, and I have confidence that my kids will work together with their friends to do whatever that needs done. How about grown ups? I am fascinated with how grown ups behave, how we tend to hang onto our long past. It seems we mistake the accumulation of our past as our achievements.

I don’t think it is just Japan. But even in the business, the difference between those who use IT as tool to effectively perform their jobs and those try to avoid it is going to be stark.

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