Work out of home

An interesting facts and figures concerning Japanese working out of their homes:

Increasing number of teleworkers [mobile workers who works at number of locations including home] in Japan

3 thoughts on “Work out of home”

  1. Working ONLY from home though can have an isolating effect that is not always too much fun. NWFusion has an interesting article on how entrepreneurs are creating “third places” to work, that take what you like best about working at home and combine it with what you like best about working in the office.


  2. Woa!! Two comments in a row for one entry. Thank you Shashank. Before I forget, I had dinner with FX Palo Alto Lab Senior Research Scientist, and one the first thing she said to me was, I really enjoyed reading your profile, especialy the line that said “not letting education get in her way”. Well, that was the line you added for me!

    Back to your comment. Yes, it gets lonely very fast when one works only out of their home. I did this for a limited time in 1987 and again in 1996. But you know, a lot of housewives with small children feels lonely, because they practically work only out of their home.

    Howard Schultz talks about the third place in his book, Pour Your Heart Into It and Ray Oldenburg covers the topic very well in the book, The Great Good Place. Social and psychological factors are enourmous.

    Thank you for the link to NWFusion!


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