Achieving the meaningful end result

Working as a consultant, it’s critical that consulting work will contribute to producing the meaningful end result. What often happens is that people believe that if method and process is followed, end result will come.

No. First, there must be someone who is excited about the end result to be achieved. Then there must be a team of people with various experience level, mostly inexperienced to achieve that result. We have to almost reinvent the wheels to keep our enthusiasm. Nothing is detrimental to human mind than the feeling of inferiority, powerlessness. Reinventing the wheels, discovery on ones own like doing a scientific experiment and making it work, is such boon in creating confidence and wish to do more. I used to feel dismayed that mind blowing discovery I thought I made has really been discovered by people many times over in the past. But if I did not discover those on my own through experience, I would not have learned and understood in my bones. The old cliche of “What you hear, you forget, what you see, you remember, what you do, you understand.”

Thus, it is not method and process that comes first. Having small team of people with a member with understanding of basics of method and process that allows others deep learning through experience are the only way to keep people happy and productive which will produce meaningful end result.

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