Finally, another entry at the beginning of school / business year


Maybe it’s because I helped my son prepare for the start of his college entrance ceremony and purchased the entire suits outfit. So many young people in dark suits!! No, it isn’t because of my son’s situation that I am noticing them. It’s because there ARE lots of young people in dark suits running around Tokyo now.

The economy in Japan is picking up, and along with the feeling of distrust in arrogant venture companies by the Livedoor scandal, traditional Japanese values like one for all, all for one, and conservatism are definitely in.

April is the beginning of business/school year in Japan, and this April, because of better economy here, companies are hiring great number of fresh college graduates compared to the past decade. And liking formal ceremonies, entrance ceremonies are conducted all over the place, including universities and companies, and the young people are dressed up in dark suites with ties for these occasions.

For company employees, majority of them will stay in their dark suites. It’s all about belonging, all about understatement, even in universities. So contrary to the popular topics found on magazines and books which are innovation, creativity, and uniqueness.

As my British business partner living in London said to me in response to me buying suites for my son for the school entrance ceremony, as some people say, Japans Universities are about training for industry or salary man life. In the UK its about drink, drugs and sex + maybe some free thinking etc….

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