The Rights of Passage in Japan: Junior High, High School Club Sports

Less than a minute left to go at the end of the 4th quar­ter of the game, and the team is los­ing by 20 points. It's the sud­den death game of spring bas­ket­ball tour­na­ment, and the moth­ers of the los­ing high school’s seniors cheer on fran­ti­cally, but they real­ize that this is going to be… Continue reading The Rights of Passage in Japan: Junior High, High School Club Sports

Social Psychological View on Increasing Trend of Lifestyle Disease in Japan

I tried to pinpoint the prediction number in ratio of population that will have lifestyle disease (listed in previous entry) by 2020, but I could not find the exact prediction for Japan. I did find on Japan Ministry of Health and Labor that there are over 10 million people have diabetes and nearly 20 million… Continue reading Social Psychological View on Increasing Trend of Lifestyle Disease in Japan

Yossea Ikuta on Seafood Sustainability

Ikuta-san was on NHK (Japan equivalent of BBC in U.K.)  "Point of View, Point of Debate" program again for the 3rd time!He reminds me of Ronald Raegan. Just In 10 minutes, he perfectly describes the current seafood resource situation in Japan.Ikuta-san begins by sharing his experience of the discoveries he made of seafood sustainability activities… Continue reading Yossea Ikuta on Seafood Sustainability

Outliers: The Story of Success

I have a habit of re-reading the books I find I like and worthwhile over and over again. Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell is one of those books. Gladwell talks about how sheer time one spends doing the thing she enjoys are directly tied with achievements and success tied to that activity. The example he used… Continue reading Outliers: The Story of Success

Japanese SNS Activities by Market Sector

About 3 years ago, I found myself doing some SNS based PR work for my friends, and one project lead to another. It has been exciting and fun to be on this new ground, and like everything else before in my life, work came in not as result of formal education, but learning by reading… Continue reading Japanese SNS Activities by Market Sector

Recent Ethnography Research, Particularly of Recruitment Challanges in Japan

Over the past three years, I have become more and more concerned with the difficulty in creating highly exciting learning session for foreign inspiration/innovation seeking customers of both design companies and end user companies. It has a lot to do with recruiting process for people to research. I see following problems in recruiting, some of… Continue reading Recent Ethnography Research, Particularly of Recruitment Challanges in Japan

Understanding Japanese Culture Through Music

Joseph Campbell talked about the role of mythology in people's lives.  It's so true.  And it seems to me music tells so much about each culture. Modern Japanese choral music performed by children at schools show so many things about Japanese culture.  Importance of harmony between people.  Working together.  The lyrics of modern choral music… Continue reading Understanding Japanese Culture Through Music

Sunday morning rush hour in Tokyo suburbs

Sunday morning between 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. is children and youth's rush hour in suburbs of greater Tokyo area.  It is the day for sports matches for kids who play sports.  Baseball,  soccer, basketball, tennis, martial arts, volleyball and others, Japanese in general loves to train and play sports formally, and that creates this… Continue reading Sunday morning rush hour in Tokyo suburbs