Japanese are awakening to its own cultural history

Certain ratio of population during any time of the history always fit the category of those who are awakening to its own cultural history. However, sometimes, there is surge of such awakening, and it seem at least the mass media in Japan are now picking up the topic of this awakening.

Business facility and realestate magazines and web sites talk about places that express Japanese culture. At art museums who used to show very littel interest in arts of Edo era such as Rimpa, many are featuring Edo art, and major magazines and web sites are full of praise for them.

I wasn’t really thinking about this trend when I rented my office recently in Kagurazaka area. I just knew I wanted my office in a location where it has unique Japanese history, and a view that has Japanese flavor. Only after I rented the office, I became aware of the general trend about Japanese awakening to its own cultural history.

1 thought on “Japanese are awakening to its own cultural history”

  1. I’m making it sound as though I really discovered this, but in reality, there has been numerous books out about Japanese awakening to it’s old culture. One English book about new Japanese architecture with flavor of old culture was printed on the year 2000.


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