How I listen to music: iPod doesn’t do it for me anymore

But I am. I’ve collected most of my favorite musics that I truly loved in my lifetime, listened to them on iPod. I have been doing this for the past two 3 years, and for the past 6 months or so, music is no longer that special anymore. I am addicted, but the drug doesn’t work anymore, not at this phase of my music listing life.

I long to listen to good radio station. I stream, but it doesn’t make me feel connected locally. The weather forecast, commercials of new places around where I live. Minor local news. Although I write more in Japanese (notice I’ve written a lot more frequently in this blog in Japanese than in English), I haven’t developed the taste for Japanese radio station. I can listen to radio stations in the US and Europe, but the mood of the music is wrong, because of the time difference. When I listen to the San Francisco radio station in the morning in Japan, the mood of the music they play, the feel of the DJ’s program are end of the day mode. When I need to be energized and working in the morning, it doesn’t fit.

Time like now, when I am working late at night and need some mental vitamin, it’s good to be listening to the radio stations in the US.

Wonder how my music life will be in 5 years!

1 thought on “How I listen to music: iPod doesn’t do it for me anymore”

  1. I’m so out of iPods myself. For music while running I use Creative’ Zen Stone. It’s light and it also does radio, which iPod Nanos and Shuffle don’t do. For listening on my PC, I’m a big fan of — all I need to do is play a song I like, and their “AudioScrobbler” goes on to play music from similar artists, which makes it like a personalized radio station. Try it with Earth Wind and Fire; you’ll come across some real good music.


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