Noboru Konno’s Workplace Design Site

Noboru Konno has started a workplace design site that shows the latest trend.

Happy Workplace

This is a great read for people who are responsible within a company to create workplace that is a vital part of company operation, and for people who are workplace design professionals.

4 thoughts on “Noboru Konno’s Workplace Design Site”

  1. Hello dear Fuji,

    From Lima Peru, new life, brand new life that sounds good!

    Happy to get news from Noburo Konno, anything available in English?

    Going on with my blog but mainly in French.

    All the best for you


  2. Hi Pierre! Wonderful to hear from you!
    I heard from Francoise that you two connected.
    As for Konno-san’s site, I am currently working on the translation of his new book.
    Meanwhile, the only thing available in English is at

    Best wishes for your adventures in Lima Peru!


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