“The opposite of sadness is not happiness”

The lesson 2 of Positive Psychology class at the Penn State University World Campus started with these words: Did you know that the opposite of sadness is not happiness? The opposite of sadness is actually...the absence of sadness.What this means is that if you could get rid of everything that is making you sad, you… Continue reading “The opposite of sadness is not happiness”

Free address (sometimes referred to as hot desking or non-territorial) office within althernative workplace strategy (AWS)

Since 1990’s, major companies in the United States have been implementing alternative workplace strategies (AWS), which is about how and where employees work. With advancement of information communication technologies (ICT), as long as data and information was accessible online and internal and external communication could be done in timely manner either virtually or physically anywhere,… Continue reading Free address (sometimes referred to as hot desking or non-territorial) office within althernative workplace strategy (AWS)

Japanese SNS Activities by Market Sector

About 3 years ago, I found myself doing some SNS based PR work for my friends, and one project lead to another. It has been exciting and fun to be on this new ground, and like everything else before in my life, work came in not as result of formal education, but learning by reading… Continue reading Japanese SNS Activities by Market Sector

Creating best fit workplace

Mike Abelson and Yuri Shimizu's Research is inspiring.  Their ability to capture the spirit of things is amazing.  I am stingy when it comes to spending my own money, but they make things so well, I end up buying them despite their price. I was inspired by their booklet , AT Work.  I have found… Continue reading Creating best fit workplace

Picture does not come with history

Not a special scene to a lot of people.  It's a residential complex in Yokohama Japan.  It becomes significant if you live there, or if you have some vested interest in some parts of this scene.  You might live here.  You might have built the building. I thought of how the light colors have changed… Continue reading Picture does not come with history

Every time we spend money, we make a statement about what we value; there's no clearer or more direct indication.  Thus, all inducements to spend money -- print advertisements, radio and television commercials, mailers and the like -- are primarily concerned with the inculcation of values. George Leonard When a company decides to do an… Continue reading

Humans will be mostly manufactured

Maybe humanss will be manufactured, not born by year 2209. Look around now.  We seem to have already made the choice.  We are waiting for the technology to catch up.  Kids in advanced country planted in front of PC or gaming device or some sort of machine, because there aren't room for them to play… Continue reading Humans will be mostly manufactured

Use technology to communicate better

The title seem lame:  use technology to commuincate better.  I hear often that we already use too much technology and not enough face-to-face real life communicaiton. It seems many of us had enough of fragmented, tedius, limiting technology communicaiton in text messaging, both in forms of e-mail and homepages including blogs.  In the world of… Continue reading Use technology to communicate better

President of a major global company, president of a country

Watching Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's speech at UCLA for the inauguration of UCLA Chancellor Gene D. Block, I started to think of the responsibilities of a president of a major global company and a president of a country.  Both are ultimately leaders who's action and decisions affects everyone within his/her company or country. Just as with a… Continue reading President of a major global company, president of a country

“Japan is all about the way of doing things”

For the past couple of months, I've been having fun with Twitter.  Each day, I interact with all sorts of people of the world, finding very intersting information. Today, through Rick Martin's tweet, I found a very good portrait of Japanese. With usual caveats against sweeping generalization, what this made me think was: Japan is… Continue reading “Japan is all about the way of doing things”