Astrology based on changed position of sun rising

Discovering this kind of thing is just so much fun!

I mean, we could point out that what astrologers say are vague and also two astrological readings on same person would contradict each other, but that kind of argument would still leave a possibility of one or more astrologers in the world might be right.

When we talk about the fact how Babylonians came up with astrological logic and the way stars rise has shifted an entire one sign (i.e. they say May 3rd birthday person is Taurus, but these days, sun rises in Gemini), but the astrologers still follow the logic of 2000 years ago, it dawned on me how truly irrelevant this fortune telling is.

Science is not always 100 percent right either, but I suspect in our lives, there are so many things we believe in, we stand by that is like this astrology belief.  I can continue to laugh and not take myself so seriously.

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