“Japan is all about the way of doing things”

For the past couple of months, I’ve been having fun with Twitter.  Each day, I interact with all sorts of people of the world, finding very intersting information.

Today, through Rick Martin’s tweet, I found a very good portrait of Japanese.

With usual caveats against sweeping generalization, what this made me think was: Japan is all about the way of doing things. Practice, ritual, perfectionism, as much fanatical attention to the process as to the result. China is all about finding a way to do things. Improvisation, little interest in rules, putting up with whatever is necessary to attain the result.

James Follows, Atlantic

It’s pretty much applicable to anything, education, sports, work.  Of course, end result such as winning may be important, but when things are not done in a “right” way, people tend to discount the result, saying it is jya-do (wrong course).

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