Every time we spend money, we make a statement about what we value; there’s no clearer or more direct indication.  Thus, all inducements to spend money — print advertisements, radio and television commercials, mailers and the like — are primarily concerned with the inculcation of values.

George Leonard

When a company decides to do an ethnographic research as a part of their product/service development effort, the decision makers of that company are seeking new product/service to improve or continue the company profit.   The intention is clear, but what often happens is that the market is seeking something completely different from what the managers of a company realizes at that time, and even though the observation people’s behaviors show what kind of product/service they would now buy, unless there is a receptive leader with real decision making power at the company, ethnographic research would only be a way to provide inspiration and satisfaction for the people who did the research.  As George Leonard says, people spend money on things they value.

Every time an economic crisis occur, it seems business has not been able to switch from what they had been offering to what the consumers now wanted.  Humans change as they grow.  As humans change they will affect their surroundings too.  It seems now the consumers in advanced countries no longer wants mass produced everything.  In many of the products that are mass produced and offered, they already have, and they are beginning to want exceptional, unique quality that they can feel close to.   We can see that from how people spend their money.

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