Obvious isn’t so obvious

When designer, researcher requests to see where the actions are, I most often take them to places where they didn’t realize of the connection with the product or service they are designing or researching.

For instance, in Tokyo, I just can’t imagine purchasing iPad to use in my worklife.  At home, there isn’t any place that iPad would be more convenient or comfortable to use.  During commute or transfer from one place to another, no privacy since people could see everything you are doing on your iPad, and the same in cafe.

I’ve been in San Jose, California for a week now, and I experienced all sorts of situation where iPad would be the perfect tool.  Driving around, I don’t need to print anything out because iPad acts like a s paper map.  It really seems to take the place of real paper.  Even in a cafe, density isn’t nearly as tight as it is in Tokyo, so one could read (or look)  it comfortably in a public facility.

It’s so obvious once we are in the actual environment where cultural, behavioral context is all around us.  No wonder iPad is popular in the US, yet not too many people would use it in th open in Japan.

Obvious isn’t so obvious.

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