Reading on paper vs. online

It’s been 5 days since I returned from the US, but I still have a jet lag.  I woke up and got out of bed at 3:50 am.  Before starting to work, I read online for nearly an hour about psychokinesis,  para-psychology, Dean Radin, Amazon customer reviews on Dean Radin’s books, University of Pennsylvania.  At the end of hour, I was upset thinking I wasted an hour.  Then I realized if I read a book or a magazine for one hour, even if it was not directly tied to my work or research, I would have felt it was a worthwhile time and be satisfied.

I suspect it is because I am of paper generation.  My teenage boys probably would have different experience and perception about reading.  My 16-year old was reading comic online when I was reading about psychokinesis this morning.  I will catch him the next time he is reading some article online the next time.

Although I adjusted my thinking since this morning and decided the hour I spent reading online articles were satisfactory because I value the information I gained from them, I should not expect other 50-year old to adjust like I did.  That is one of the things I learned from synthesis of ethnography.  We might figure out what people are doing, but expecting the people to change their behavior or mode of thinking is not controllable by us pointing out their behavior.

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