Things reveal themselves if we become interested

For about 7 years, I had firsthand experience in taking part in crunching numbers at a business unit.  Before doing that, all the education I had was taking a course in accounting in college and all the actual experience I had in accounting and finance was managing my own young, small family finance.  It was fascinating how everything was translated into numbers, the stuff we sold, our daily actions from answering the phone calls to meetings at clients site, every little thing.

I’ve read Dean Radin’s Entangled Mind.  Many scientists are working hard to translate the psychic phenomena into numbers. I belong to the crowd who do not want to be associated with hocus pocus stuff, but is open to possibilities and scientific discoveries.  From that perspective, I believe in what happened to me in my experience, and that is what I call for often come to me.  As one of the critic stated, all these years of inability for anyone to re-create the psychokinesis at controlled lab makes me skeptical about humans capability to move inanimate object remotely.  On the other hand, when I decide to head to new direction in work, opportunities come my way.  It could be that I just notice these opportunities because I am looking out for it whereas it was not meaningful before, but the end result is the same.

Perhaps with ethnography and design, the insight we gain and end product we create follow the same path.  That is, we become intensely interested in something first, and the object of our interest reveals itself to us.  The sales figures, numbers are ways to express the phenomena.  But in whatever involve human behavior, it all starts with our interest, our desire.

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