Happy New Year

Best wishes for the year 2012!

At the end of 2011, I felt the important end to a phase in my life that lasted for 7 years. Call it, learning to be a leader phase. Of all the places, I learned how to be a leader from spending lots of time with my family. I could not learn it during my major corporation phase of 13 years, because socially, I was too inexperienced with my background of being an only child with learning disability and slight traits of autism. All these, I did not realize until after the years passed, until the lessons were learned.

Yesterday’s Yomiuri Newspaper had a brief editorial memo about the words of the poet, Paul Valery, that we march backward into the future. Like rowing a boat. We move on, but we can only see the past and the present. I realize the phase has come to a close, but I can not even see what will happen tomorrow. But on a boat, if we have someone with us who are facing forward, we can choose the direction with notion of where we are going. Maybe that is the role of scholars, artists and journalists. Choosing whom to listen to makes all the difference in life.

Phases overlap, and as I see what the past 7 years were to me, I am already on my way in this new adventure. Very happy new year to you! Let us take joy in being the rower and the bow.

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