Lobotomy everyday

Last night, I was studying for my Penn State PSYCH260 course and read about how lobotomy operation was performed on a human based on one observation made on a monkey. Thereafter, over 50,000 operations has been performed, and in some areas of the world it is still being performed, even though its effectiveness has not been proven scientifically. I watched the YouTube video directed by my course material.

My initial reaction after listening to the lecture, reading a bit, and watching the video was nausea. I felt dizzy. I felt angry that how no one made enough strong case to stop it. Dr. Watson, the famous psychologist, even observed the actual operation and walked away from it.

Psychology courses I have taken and experiences I had taught me that this kind of things are all around us. Lobotomy like cases everyday. If we are not involved with the situation, we are doing things that are horrible, things just do not make any sense.

When we see something around us that we feel is not right, may you and I have the courage to suppress our emotion, seek out the truth through research, and change.

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