I was recently hospitalized for a minor surgery, and being a researcher, I was fascinated and curious why women chose to be nurses. Long hours, heavy responsibility of taking care of patients often facing life or death situation, patients suffering. As smart as these women have to be to admitted into a college nursing program… Continue reading Imprinting

Book alert in 2 years advance: Aesthetics of Joy by Ingrid Fetell Lee

Cliches are unfor­tu­nate.  They paint a pic­ture of the impor­tant slice of life, but because they have been quoted so much, that peo­ple ignore them. More time I spend in my life, every­thing seems to be able to be expressed in cliches. But because I have come down to these words after much liv­ing and… Continue reading Book alert in 2 years advance: Aesthetics of Joy by Ingrid Fetell Lee

Work that impact lives in positive ways

I have been attending Penn State University World Campus as a part time undergraduate student for a little over 3 years now. I started as a junior standing student, and if I attended as a full time student, I will have graduated with Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology in 2 years. I never thought… Continue reading Work that impact lives in positive ways

Social Psychological View on Increasing Trend of Lifestyle Disease in Japan

I tried to pinpoint the prediction number in ratio of population that will have lifestyle disease (listed in previous entry) by 2020, but I could not find the exact prediction for Japan. I did find on Japan Ministry of Health and Labor that there are over 10 million people have diabetes and nearly 20 million… Continue reading Social Psychological View on Increasing Trend of Lifestyle Disease in Japan

Choosing Science

As I studied for the Spring Semester that will begin on January 13th, 2014, I read Ivana Nikolic's "House for the Homeless: A place to Hang Your Hat" on the textbook, Field Working: Reading and Writing Research. I was fascinated with Ivana's story seen from insiders and outsider's perspectives. I related to her attitude that… Continue reading Choosing Science

Happiness of Being a Part of Whole

I realize I have been writing philosophical things a lot.I will resist my inner voice that says "Don't embarrass yourself by writing self righteous stuff," and continue writing. Reality will visibly appear the same to the every human eyes.If I am looking at a cat from exact same angle, our eyes will perceive it in… Continue reading Happiness of Being a Part of Whole

“The opposite of sadness is not happiness”

The lesson 2 of Positive Psychology class at the Penn State University World Campus started with these words: Did you know that the opposite of sadness is not happiness? The opposite of sadness is actually...the absence of sadness.What this means is that if you could get rid of everything that is making you sad, you… Continue reading “The opposite of sadness is not happiness”

Willful Blindness As I listened to Margaret Heffernan's talk, I realized (1) it's easier for me to be serious than light, (2) I often choose to be willfully blind, (3) seafood sustainability issue that I am working on as a member of Packard Foundation project team is exactly this.  The team members are ordinary people.We just… Continue reading Willful Blindness

Making friend with yourself

Know thyself. It took me many, many years to know myself.I am 53, and I have just begun to know myself. Until I became a mother raising a child at age 27 everything I experienced was evaluated based on how I felt, whether it felt good for me, whether it was right for me. When… Continue reading Making friend with yourself

Learning a new language

One thing I can say for certain about being bilingual is how it enriched my life. Being able to communicate fluently in both English and Japanese gives me access into Japanese and English speaking people's cultures, knowledge and opportunities. Because I did not consciously become bi-lingual, just a chance gift I received in my life,… Continue reading Learning a new language