Maybe dyslexic people succeed because of their difficulty

Through Hard Talk on BBC featuring Henry Winkler talking about dyslexia, I ended up watching Hard Talk with Brian May, which was so, very super inspiring!!!

At 6:40 “No, I don’t go for money. No, you wouldn’t. Why would you? If you don’t do it because you love it, it would have died quickly, because pople would have realized.”

At 9:13 “Yeah, I’ve got really, really depressed. I’ve got really depressed a couple of times in my life. If you are really depressed, you’d cut both your legs off to get rid of that feeling. Funny thing is, it can be the making of you. If you manage to crawl your way out of that hole, you have to rebuild. It’s a strange thing to say, but I think I am better for it.”

Being dyslexic means automatic, unimaginable difficulty in your life that non-dyslexic people would not experience. Non-malicious and malicious “God, you ARE stupid!” expression is hurled at you often. You’ve got to learn to live with feeling of inferiority, no matter how successful you become. This inevitably leads to feeling of depression in a different degree. It’s not just dyslexic people who have difficulty in life. If you drew uncaring parents, were born in a country in war, were raped, or whatever, you will have “to crawl your way out of that hole” to come out okay, and going through it all makes you strong, “make you better for it” as Brian May describes.

BBC HARDtalk – Brian May (Pt1) 22 Sept 2010

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