My favorite Indian restaurant

When our family moved to live in Tokorozawa, which is waaay outside of the central district of Tokyo, I was not expecting much in the way of choices of places to eat out. I am very happy my expectation was wrong.

One of my favorite place to eat near my home is Jaipur. The Indian food is really tasty, but this place is so rare that the visitors can’t help but notice that the restaurant owner and staff cares about all the details, everything from the food, service to interiors. I am amazed that Jaipur in Iruma has been in business for so many years, yet this place has been able to maintain such high quality.

I wonder if the insistence in staying low tech is the decision made by the owner of the restaurant? I thoroughly enjoyed the hand drawn, hand written introduction of all the chefs. Consumers today are no longer impressed with electronically produced materials as hand crafted materials. Maybe as always, we the consumers appreciate careful artistic/craftsman skills equated with time spent creating any materials.

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