What?! It’s been two years since I talked about random whatever on this blog!

Fujiko Suda is alive and well. Lost 12 kg (26 lbs) last year. Overshot the goal to maintain BMI 22, but I settled at BMI 20 since maintaining the weight at this state is easy, and I feel good physically. Losing weight was easy when I made up my mind to live a life full of action and joy for the rest of my life. The seed germinated for many years, and it took a form of self-help in yoga too. It began for me with an illustrated article about sun salutation yoga in Madmoiselle magazine 36 years ago. After that, I read a few books about yoga, dabbled at it for all these years despite my extremely inflexible body. My favorite yoga teacher over the past 3 years has been Juliana on YouTube.

Currently, the entire world seems to be pre-occupied with coronavirus and how to come out healthy and intact. Sensationalism and reaction to it continue to fascinate me, but my real interest now is trying to understand in my own way and sympathizing with everyone and everything around me. I continue to work most of my waking hours. Still, work is mostly play to me since I love my job as a marketing researcher/English-Japanese interpreter/translator/small business owner. Work pays for my living and providing for the last few years of education to my sons.

Please drop me a line when the mood hits you 🙂

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