Reading, watching TV, listening to music growing up

I Refuse to Run a Coronavirus Home School

Lovely article in the New York Times. After reading it, I remembered that this is exactly how I grew up, from kindergarten through high school. It wasn’t the pandemics, but my family situation was always uncertain having an unstable mother living the best she could. loving me the best she could.

I am used to social isolation, and it wasn’t by choice. Corona is creating the situation that children can not go to school, but I did not go to school half the time from the kindergarten through high school because of either my parents did not get around to making the arrangement for me to attend school or when they did make the arrangement, I just skipped school. I did not school half the time in the first grade, second grade, forth grade, sixth grade, seventh grade and tenth grade. When I was not at school, like Jennie Weiner’s children, I watched TV a lot, (no Internet in those days), listen to the radio a lot, read books a lot, and painted and wrote a lot. I taught myself how to bake cookies too. Sometimes, loneliness was hard to bare, but looking back, most of times, I probably loved doing the things I wanted to for as many hours as I wanted.

Since I was 19, I did all sorts of work: waitress, restaurant manager, retail sales staff, housewife, mother, secretary, logistics supporter, human resource manager, account salesperson, marketer, event producer, translator, consultant. Along the way, I studied to earn a two-year associate of arts degree in liberal arts and a four-year bachelor of arts degree in psychology. I keep forgetting the freedom to choose what I want to do gave me the courage and happiness, and I wish my sons will be stable and dillegent to make decent progress in their lives.

Their lives are perfect! As my life and as everyone else’s life. Watch YouTube! Play games. Do all you want, because we all live the best we could throughout our lives.

What is perceived as “difficult time” is the best time to gain insights. The Coronavirus time gave me this insight today.

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