My very first trip to Sydney. I will be here for the next few days for the workplace consulting training.

At the Museum of Contemporary Art, I enjoyed the exhibition called ‘Liquid Sea’. These artists pursueing their fascination with science and art combined. On their way to mastery. Then I realized my fascination with people. Lately I noticed I much prefer to have people in my digital camera images. When I was growing up, I only drew and painted people. Why such intense interest, pursuit? Probably because I just did not get enough human interaction with the way I happened to grow up. Spending 70% of my time alone between the age of 2 and 27. A high need child, probably.

As George Leonard says in <span class="underline"Mastery, those who become masters are not those who are gifted, or who show talent in particular subject in the beginning. They are those who are determined, who are persistant.

Drawing, painting, interpreting. They came so easy. Understanding people, being helpful, acting with care. These come so hard, because everything had to be learned consciously. Maybe I could master being a mother. Master to become a consultant that really changes things for the better.

Great thought to have before the training begins!

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