Ethnographic perspective on slow coronavirus spread in Japan

Oscar Boyd offers thought-provoking ideas in his article, Japan Times Commentary Section: Why is Japan still a coronavirus outlier? As a researcher/ethnographer, I would like to propose the following reasons why Japan is still a coronavirus outlier. To offer a perspective, Mayo Clinic offers the following for the cause for coronavirus: Mayo Clinic: Coronavirus disease 2019… Continue reading Ethnographic perspective on slow coronavirus spread in Japan

Big topic: Are we born to run?

I took my sons on edu-vacation last December, but one of the thing that I treasure from the trip is not what we did together, but the encounter with Christopher McDougal's thoughts. My 16 year old was having his English lesson with a tutor at Starbucks at Barnes and Noble in San Jose, and I… Continue reading Big topic: Are we born to run?

Longing for beautiful, long life, things that fulfills human needs

People who live long lives begin to yearn for things at some point in their lives, things that fulfill the human needs. For us, the aging population in Japan, who had good active lives, the desire for such things grow. We no longer want to clutter our lives with objects that titillate our senses, perhaps… Continue reading Longing for beautiful, long life, things that fulfills human needs

The Residence Inn, Starbucks, McDonald’s This was the longest stay for me and my family at a hotel.  For 15 nights, 16 days, we stayed at the Residence Inn in Campbell, California.  In the past, for this length of stay away from home, I would seek out short term rental of a furnished apartment, but taking past lessons about… Continue reading The Residence Inn, Starbucks, McDonald’s

Humans will be mostly manufactured

Maybe humanss will be manufactured, not born by year 2209. Look around now.  We seem to have already made the choice.  We are waiting for the technology to catch up.  Kids in advanced country planted in front of PC or gaming device or some sort of machine, because there aren't room for them to play… Continue reading Humans will be mostly manufactured

Why meet face to face? This year, more people than ever attend the World Economic Forum at Davos.  As this video asks:  Why attend?  We are now capable of sharing so much information virtually. It will probably take several generations, if ever, for the humans to become natural at virtual meetings.  In the recent seminar I organized about building… Continue reading Why meet face to face?


My Australian friend once mentioned to me during his first visit to Japan that he noticed that eating is interacting in Japan. At many sushi place, you grinde your own wasabi. We mix chopped nori, ground ginger to our taste at the table when we eat cold soba noodle