It was just until a few months ago, I was lonely for friendship with women. When I went to visit Europe last June and met my colleagues, it was such wonderful discovery that my counterparts were mostly women! Then I came back to Japan, I felt so keenly that I was missing such closeness with women friends.

Then, something happened. In work, I have started working closely with more women then ever. Currently, two out of three projects I am now working on have women as my direct contacts for clients. The informal network of community of practice in strategic workplace consulting are made up of all women, 4 of us spread out over the globe. My previous training session was the same way. Only one out of six participants being a man, all of us from different parts of the world.

Wyuki commented when we were looking at my training session photos, wow, mostly women! Then we wondered, where are all the men? Is it the work that we do is better suited for women’s capability, temperament?

I am not saying no men around my work. In Japan, my best friend is a man, my day to day local contacts are mostly men. It may be something heppening just by chance. Or finally, what Tom Peter has been saying caught up? That half of the population is woman, and woman is at work outside of home that makes be best use of her talents, capabilities?