With Help from Today’s IT

Pict0582 The day after I got back from SF, I had a presentation for design concept report at the client site with one of my partners. I am really pleased with how this project turned out. Thorough communication with the client, their contact person, good inputs from project members, neat report I collaborated to create with my partner in expressing exactly as we felt, good presentation on the report to have meaningful interaction with the client team members. Another thing I am pleased with myself with this project is that on the last leg, which was the preparation for the presentation, was done in about 50 hours period, working with time difference, with key factors being:

1. Kinko’s laptop station in SF to download presentation parts prepared by my partner, using 3G mobile phone to talk to him as I downloaded the presentation

2. Power outlet on airplane that allowed me to work for about 4 hours during the flight. I was so lucky because the power outlet was available in my area of the economy class

3. Using web storage to share large files, this time Tokyo Gas free web based service

I was confident going into the presentation with thorough preparation, had a good reaction during the presentation, and good feedback after the presentation. Another great thing about finale to this project phase is that I did it while having a wonderful vacation with my husband. I wasn’t too happy about not having a LAN connection in our hotel, but no matter since I was less than 5 minutes drive away from Kinko’s. I started working on the presentation on the last night in SF, after having had a good walk around downtown SF. I worked at Kinko?s for an hour while N was walking around the nearby shopping center. We got back to the hotel room, packed, relaxed. Then next morning, I went to Kinko?s and worked for about 30 minutes, while again my husband walked around the nearby shopping center. After I was done with my work, we found a nice caf? called Crepevine?s and had good ol? breakfast, then drove to the airport. Pict0633_2

Sure, I am not making much money off of this project. But that’s the way it goes. Sometimes, I get paid a lot for not much effort or time. Sometimes, I get paid very little, maybe nothing, for work that I put a lot into. But overall, it always works out. Maybe the universal law of energy and force. Whatever the effort I put into, as total sum, life gives me back exact same amount.

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