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Apple at Work


Ringo 2

Today is a national holiday (Senior Citizen’s Day), but I came to our office at Yutenji to prepare for a project bid document. The office my friend/associate and I share is a small studio on a street known lots of cool and interesting design oriented shops mixed with small traditional mom-and-pop shops, all in older buildings. Our office is situated on a second floor, with a burger shop (Mos Burger). I love our office, but if this was a perfect world, there will be a gourmet take out coffee shop on the first floor. With really low blood pressure, the doctor recommended limited intake of caffein, so I don’t want to brew coffee when I am working at the office alone.

Such is ideal office for focused work in our mind now: interesting view out of the window, not too quite, not too noisy, near cafes and restaurants to choose from, near post office and cool stationary shop, a few minutes walk away from the train station, very close to good take out coffee/tea shop, all at value price.

Today for lunch dessert, I went to the corner fruit shop and bought 5 apples for 380 yen (apprx. US$3.00). Had one, and it was delicious! Good, strong coffee will be an evening treat for the day.

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