Impact of Informal by Cecil Balmond

Engineers are fascinating breed of people. They manipulate numbers to create things. Reading Cecil Belmond’s Informal, I have been so excited about how the architectural structure are described both in numbers and words, and that these words are applicable to business, which is a part of this universe.

Determinism pictured force as an arrow, straight and true, bridging the void with unwavering objective linearity – the rigid link of an absolute logic chain. Now we see differently; the modern view is that between A and B there is a field of potential and a minimum path sought. Dependent on local conditions that path may vary. Subjective and relative, the informal view is based on istants of mututal cooperation, side by side differences charting the least resistance.

In the informal there are no distinct rules, no fixed patterns, to be copied blindly. If there is a rhythm it is in the hidden connections that are inferred and implied, and not necessarily made obvious. Order, in a hierarchical and fixed sense, is taken as furthest removed from the natural state of things.

Which is the way business starts and grows.

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