“Have Respect for the Indivisual”

In advanced countries, it seems to me that to respect for the individual is the most important key factor for the longe term success of a company.

With the limited number of projects I became involved in the past, all the successful projects had respect for the individuals, both within the project team and within the client’s organization.

The respect for each other shows in the languages they use. Especially in spoken words, they are easily captured and shared among colleagues and partners.

The other books has lead me to A Business And Its Beliefs by IBM’s legendary CEO, Thomas J. Watson, Jr.

The premise of this important work is clear and straightforward: that all great institutions require a set of principles and beliefs to guide them through good times and bad. And the most important determinant of a company’s success depends on its “faithful adherence” to these bedrock beliefs.

At IBM, Mr. Watson felt that three core beliefs formed the foundation for the company’s success:

– Have prespect for the individual.
– Give the best company service of any company in the world.
– Pursue all tasks with the idea that they can be accomplished in a superior fashion.

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