Humans will be mostly manufactured

Maybe humanss will be manufactured, not born by year 2209.

Look around now.  We seem to have already made the choice.  We are waiting for the technology to catch up.  Kids in advanced country planted in front of PC or gaming device or some sort of machine, because there aren’t room for them to play outside.  They even do arts on PC.  They are groomed to study so they can become adults who can make money.  If they made money, they can buy things which allows economy to keep going.  If the economy keep going, there will be no hunger, poverty, or war.

Not just kids.  Flying first or business class will give us the glimpse of the choice we have made.  We are totally segragated from the person next to us.  We are attached to the audio-visual units.   We will choose the people we talked to, not somebody who might bore us during long flight.  It goes the same way everywhere in cities.  We don’t want to talk to someone who’s next to us, at home, on subway, at store, because comparing to the reward of getting to know someone we like, risk of someone boring or distasteful (in our eyes) attaching themselves to us is greater.  Before the technology, we had to take the risk because there was no other way.  Now, we can screen nearly everybody.  Even though the current method will make life more stale and predictable than ever before, humans have tendency to avoid risk of bad human relationship.

The earth will not sustain the population growth, if our biological needs stay the way it has been.  Human species have the need for housing, clothing, food to stay content, and all of them take enourmous resource from our living environment.  If we would eat much less, did not eat other mammels, the strain on environment will decrease considerably.  If we didn’t eat the food that required much energy in growing, harvesting, processing, that would make more room on this earth.

We want to help our fellow humans so we will continue with medical and other aides, which means longer life to all.  We find agression distasteful,  so are diverting away from mass killings.  Even if we stopped eating meat, or stopped the intake of food by 50%, stopped manufacturing things that required use of any natural resource, it won’t be enough to sustain the earth, or the new generation.

How do we share meaningful life experience with all other human being, without hunger, poverty, or war?  Maybe by becoming a being that can feel the  emotions and have experiences just in the brain.  Maybe that means such brain made by materials that was sustainable.

And so human manufacturing seems  like possibility to the human sustainability.   If we went out into space, will we just repeat what we did to the earth?

These thoughts have been on my mind for the past year or so.  I love my family, my friends.  I like my fellow workers, my neighbors.  I don’t even know whats right.  How do I teach my kids?  The young people?

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