What will happen if more of us work at jobs we are good at?

One of my project allowed me to recently visit Iki Island fishermen. I was interested in what they were saying and doing, but they struck me as someone very similar to my youngest son.

Sturdy physical build, good at work that requires intense focus both mentally and physically. I kept on thinking, my son would probably fit in this crowd and be happy working as a fisherman.

Fate has it that he was born into a family that lived in metropolitan Tokyo. He did well with supportive family, friends and school. He then had to choose his high school, so he chose music high school, making use of his voice. There was no choice of fishermen’s career as we lived far away from fishing port.

Some boys would love this environment of mostly smart and pretty girls. But my son is not that type. He does not dislike girls, but he prefers more physical environment with less worry about emotional clashes.

What if there is a system that matches your physical and mental types with careers that are very good match to them? I think it could happen in the world where humans would respect one another, recognizing the importance of all work. Alas, the world does not work that way now.  That is perhaps why not all jobs are listed and pursued like other.

I personally think if more of us work at jobs we are good at and enjoy, life would be so much better to many of us.


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