Yossea Ikuta on Seafood Sustainability

Ikuta-san was on NHK (Japan equivalent of BBC in U.K.)  “Point of View, Point of Debate” program again for the 3rd time!He reminds me of Ronald Raegan.

Just In 10 minutes, he perfectly describes the current seafood resource situation in Japan.Ikuta-san begins by sharing his experience of the discoveries he made of seafood sustainability activities in the U.S. through visiting Monterey, Monterey Bay Aquarium and attending the Cooking for Solutions event there in May, 2013.He was surprised and impressed with the thorough commitment at each level, from fishermen, distributors, major companies selling seafood, chefs and consumers, to protect the natural marine resources to enable seafood sustainability.Ikuta-san describes his own thinking that evolved from blaming individual level in the chain of custody to realizing that individuals at each level must act conscientiously to turn around the current path Japan is taking, which is drifting towards the seafood resources depletion.


Ikuta, Yossea.Eating “Fish”, the Limited Marine Resource.Point of View, Point of Debate http://www.nhk.or.jp/kaisetsu/ Broadcasted on Japanese nationally broadcasted television station, NHK.Regular show aired on weekdays at 4:20 am on National broadcast NHK, 1:50 pm on PBS type of station, NHK BS
1% viewer’s rating

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