Happiness of Being a Part of Whole

I realize I have been writing philosophical things a lot.I will resist my inner voice that says “Don’t embarrass yourself by writing self righteous stuff,” and continue writing.

Reality will visibly appear the same to the every human eyes.If I am looking at a cat from exact same angle, our eyes will perceive it in the same way.Okay, the color may appear different to to color blind, but you get the drift.The basic sound too.To people with normal functioning ears, human conversing voice or thunder will be heard in the same way.But what we feel when we physically receive these signals are totally different.The message is different.Cat lover will probably have warm feelings toward a pretty cat.But cat hater will probably feel ambivalent or annoyed with a cat even if its a pretty one.  Sound of thunder will scare a child if she was told that it is an angry voice of God.Child who learned that thunder is a natural phenomenon will be fascinated.

Japan being a country that is located right on top of earthquake fault lines.Over the past 50 years, I have heard so many doomsday theories and stories.According to a scientific study, a huge earthquake is due in Tokyo area within the next 50 years with the probability of 90 percent.The worst case scenario, they say, is death toll of 320,000 people and economic damage of 220 trillion yen (220 billion US dollars).  I was afraid.I did not want to die neither violently or slowly from the earthquake.I did not want my family, friends, anybody I know to die in such way either.

After the previous big earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the disaster Japanese calls 3-11 of 2011, and nuclear power plant disaster that followed, it appeared that Japan will sink as a country.Instead, I see with my own eyes and experience with my whole being, the revitalization of Japanese people.Men and women, young and old who went to the devastated areas to do what must be done became heroes and heroins.Money poured into the affected areas for relief.All people affected by 3-11 and aftermath is scarred for life.But most people emerged as victoriously as survivors, with strength and conviction earned only by those who faced sudden death.

I pray for those who perished.I pray for those around me who continue to suffer and are dying despite of their courageous fight.I am not just talking of 3-11 disaster victims, but any victims of any disasters whether it be natural or man made.I don’t know why I have been spared of such sufferings, but I have been.So what then?

Then bring it on!I will not like disaster when it happens.But I see that in time, people as whole always emerge victoriously, with shining bright faces and love in their hearts.With next earthquake,  I may die.But I can die a million deaths before that by avoiding things, by regrets.I am happy to be a part of a whole, because my heart is my own and I choose what I do now, today.I choose how I want to perceive everything I see and hear.

Attitude like this is all around Japan.I choose to speak about this to some people, and each time, they agree.I am living the making of Japanese culture.

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